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The consumer now has a permitted alternative for Tire Disposal. Tire stores, auto part houses, and those who want to alleviate mosquito and vector infested tires filling up our ditches, woodlands and personal property, now have solutions. ECM of Ridgely, the landfill, and Rett Express, collection and transportation, have combined to give us all choices.

  • ECM can now accept for disposal waste tires (see below TDEC approval, dated May 25, 2019), as ECM now has the equipment to legally make this dangerous and illegal eyesore go away. The consumer may deliver his tires and dump at the landfill for a disposal fee. ECM will do the work to legalize their proper disposal; or,
  • The consumer has the option of a reduced price should consumer decide to cut his tires into quarters before delivering to the landfill; or,
  • The consumer – especially if a local government, commercial establishment, etc. – may elect to have Rett Express set a roll-off container at their location to collect the tires – whether whole or quartered – and deliver to the landfill for disposal, replacing that container with an empty for a continual disposal option.
  • The consumer can set up payment terms with a long-term arrangement that will be advantageous financially. Or, pay by credit card.
Tractor Tire Cutter - TC-125
Tire Disposal Quartering Machine
Permit Modification For Tire Disposal
Permit Modification For Tire Disposal
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