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When it comes to garbage hauling and transportation, you want professional, DoT certified equipment, trained and dependable CDL drivers for the dependable collection and disposal of all your waste and trash, at a fair price.

Rett Express, LLC owns and operates four (4) DoT daycabs/tractor-walking floor trailers and 3-roll-off trucks for roll-off containers, normally used for construction demolition debris. Those same roll-off trucks also pull Rett-owned and operated compactor boxes for use at grocery stores, packaging establishments, and anywhere the need to lessen the number of “pulls” to the landfill is required.

Rett Express, LLC waste collection & disposal firm transports:
  • Rett Express can collect, transport and dispose for some “white goods”, or bulky wastes like stoves, ovens, home heaters and air handling units to the landfill, giving the customer their heavily cut volume landfill disposal discount. Even refrigerators and air conditioning units, if the compressor has been properly removed, are accepted.
  • Rett Express has a compliment of 20-yard, 30-yard and 40-yard containers normally available for construction and demolition debris locations, C&D waste locations and C&D trash locations. This is waste resulting from construction, remodeling, repair and demolition of structures, and from road building. Such wastes include but are not limited to bricks, concrete and other masonry materials, soil, rock and lumber, road spoils, road spoils and paving material. A container can be placed on any of the above job sites once financial terms are reached. Rett even accepts credit cards for payment, down payment, set fee, etc.
  • Rett’s roll-off containers are especially helpful in constituent removal of junk.
  • Rett Express roll-off containers and compactor boxes are also used to accumulate Industrial Waste, which is solid waste produced in, or generated by, industrial manufacturing processes, then deliver that waste for disposal for the same drastically reduced volume-based rate that Rett itself receives from the landfill.
  • Rett Express can also set roll-off containers to accept landscaping and land clearing wastes, meaning trees, stumps, brush, dirt, branches, leaves, grass clippings from landscaping and land clearing activities, then deliver this waste to the landfill for disposal.
  • Rett Express also places roll-off boxes for tire disposal, for which the landfill is permitted to accept for disposal, if separated from other wastes.
  • Rett Express Roll-off containers and/or 30 to 40-cubic yard compactor boxes, or containers, may be placed to accept certain Special Wastes for disposal. Special Waste is defined as solid wastes that are either difficult or dangerous to manage and may include sludges, bulky wastes, pesticide wastes, medical wastes, industrials wastes and some hazardous waste, liquid wastes, friable asbestos wastes, and combustion waste. Rett can assist a customer creating a Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) manifest to properly collect, transport and dispose of Special Waste. Rett has an experienced staff that can assist in the analysis of the waste and its subsequent determining of whether such waste constitutes a Special Waste, or not.
  • Rett Express is a collector, transporter and discounted disposer of Solid Waste, further defined as garbage, trash, refuse, abandoned material, spent material, byproducts, scrap, ash, sludges and all discarded material including solid, liquid, semisolid or contained gaseous material resulting from industrial, commercial and agricultural operations, and from community activities. Solid waste includes, without limitation, recyclable material when it is discarded or when it is used in a manner constituting disposal.
20 yard roll-off container
30 yard roll-off container
40 yard roll-off container
20, 30, & 40 cubic yard container & compactor boxes available:
  • Remodeling projects and the discarding of household junk may be best suited for the smaller and more compact 20 cubic yard boxes where one can simply put the waste in by hand.
  • Disposal of the waste AFTER the container is full, with the same low discounted price Rett gets from the landfill for being its largest volume customer. This savings is passed DIRECTLY on to the consumer with no additional markup.
  • “Permanent” industrial and commercial applications, where perhaps a compactor box – limiting the “trips” to the landfill and ultimately lowering the total disposal cost to the consumer – is the best option. Rett can pull (transport) your compactor box, or Rett can “do it all” and supply a compactor box, and even maintain its operation, maintenance and repair.
  • Construction and demolition sites for the collection and disposal of construction and demolition debris.
  • Storing, transporting and disposing of all the waste described in the “Landfill” section.
  • Land clearing applications can benefit from the 40 cubic yard containers as these jobs normally have “air” that make using a smaller container more expensive to the consumer.
  • Tire disposal. Tires can be “turn-key” when the consumer, tire store, parts house, etc., uses a 20 or 30 cubic yard container to separate tires only (see “Tire Disposal” for more info) for Rett to transport and dispose.
  • Easy payment terms for qualifiers. Also, Rett takes credit cards for payment of container, transportation AND disposal.
Loading a Roll-Off Container
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